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Drops Design Christmas KAL 2023 - Lexy's Diary [Part 1]

Although I love a cozy Christmas jumper I've never actually knitted one - I think mainly because winter jumpers in the Highlands come in handy anytime between September & April - so Christmas motifs aren't always ideal

But this years Drops Design Christmas KAL is more of a woodland theme featuring cute little mushrooms 🍄 which I automatically loved!

The pattern is divided into four parts and I wanted to record a wee video diary for each one. So check out the below for Part 1 (apologies for the sniffles, I am having a lot of dust allergies just now!)

My Yarn - Drops Lima

Main Colour - Beige

Colourwork - Dark Ivy, Red, Wheat & Sage Green

My Cardigan - Kiddiwinksknits Flutterby Adult (pattern here)


Main KAL page: click here

Other Christmas Designs: click here

Provisional Cast On video: click here

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