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Home Education Programme 

Badenoch & Strathspey has become home to a large number of Home Educators & as a social enterprise we wanted to provide a service specifically to help these families have access to craft education. 

Based on feedback we have received the main focus will be sewing - we have access to a wide range of machines and tools to teach this skill, but we know Home Education groups may want to explore more skills & activities as well. 


We have developed a range of Term Programmes - roughly 5-10 sessions (1-2hr each), cost for each programme is between £40 & £55 per student ​​All programmes are open to anyone over 5 - but we recommend parents/adults attend with those 7 or under for extra help (1 parent/adult per family group)


All groups start with Term 1- Crafters Kit, which covers the basics of machine sewing. When you have completed Term 1 you can select from a range of programmes including dressmaking, home decor, bag making & other crafts such as weaving, crochet & knitting. Check out our Pinterest board for project photos 

For more information click here to download the Home Education Info Pack

Book Your Sessions

Please contact us to set up your group - the sessions listed below are available  for pre-set groups

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